Janet and BudWoodSunWinds Natural Horsemanship Farm was created from Janet’s desire to continually share her horsemanship knowledge with as many people as possible, while enjoying the backdrop of the 160 acre VT. property that is home both for horses and family.

Janet’s husband Bud was the conduit and visionary for the building of the farm. He physically enabled the project to materialize from the drawing board stages. Bud’s “artistic” abilities to sculpt with raw land as a medium, using heavy equipment, brought the buildings, grounds, and beautiful landscaping to fruit for everyone who experiences the facility to enjoy.

Janet and Bud share a common goal to maintain a place where continuing education of the horse is available to all ages. This goal allows Woodsunwinds customers to forget the outside world as they immerse themselves in their connections with the horse. The  many unique amenities that are offered and maintained, are constantly evolving for future use and enjoyment.

Bud and Janet Jones